About Pro Kitchen Hub

Pro Kitchen Hub is the Premier Modern Commercial Shared Kitchen Concept and Center for Food Business Start-Ups in the South Florida Area.

Our Mission is to assist food business entrepreneurs in starting and developing sustainable businesses

Pro Kitchen Hub is much more than just a shared kitchen but a modern concept in commercial kitchen space and a center for food business startups. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with our facility and the services that we offer.


Pro Kitchen Hub is a culinary space designed to foster and build confidence in the young talented up and coming professional culinarian.

Culinary professionals and their guest can feel welcome, inspired, and encouraged to experiment with their craft.

Our Services

Custom Member Experience

Pro Kitchen Hub facility is a shared commercial kitchen and center for culinary start up.


This includes helping our clients through the state required paperwork and providing them with secure 24/7 access to a licensed commercial kitchen.

Work Environment

Our facility is licensed, insured and inspected by Department of Business & Professional Regulations and the Department of Agriculture.



Curbside pick-up has become an increasingly popular option to drive business in the food industry. Pro Kitchen Hub Curbside pickup allows customers to buy from participating Members online. The concept is simple: a customer orders online, drives to Pro Kitchen Hub, parks outside and the food gets delivered to your car.
Pro Kitchen Hub is fortunate to have incredibly driven and resourceful Members. Support Our Food Businesses by doing what we all love … Eat Delicious Food!




Do I need permits to sell my products?
How do I get my food manager’s certification? …

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