Frequently Asked PKH Questions

  • If me or my employees get hurt, who is responsible?
  • Do I need permits to sell my products?
  • Do all my employees required to have the food handlers license?
  • How do I get my food manager’s certification?
  • Do I need to turn off the equipment after use?
  • If I break an equipment, am I responsible?
  • Do I get fined if I leave the appliances on?
  • Do I get fine if I leave the kitchen dirty?
  • Do I need to clean up after using the kitchen?
  • Can I bring my own equipment?
  • What is the minimum age group allowed to work in the kitchen?
  • Can I store my ingredients/products in the kitchen?
  • Do you provide small wares?
  • What does my annual membership fee cover?
  • What does my monthly membership cover?
  • How do I utilize the kitchen?
  • What are the minimum hours I can rent the kitchen?